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Why I Give: Janay Sutton

My Story- Janay Nunley Sutton

Danny Thomas once shared, “Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It’s what you do for others.”  Why I give to United Way of Central Kentucky is in hopes of just that – to help support the efforts which assist individuals who are in desperate need.  Whether it is medical assistance, early childhood education opportunities, job/skills training, or food on the table, United Way of Central Kentucky honors its donor dollars in such a meaningful way by investing in quality programs that strive to make a permanent difference in someone’s life – not a temporary fix.  And that is … “Why I Give”!!!!!

As a child, I was the one whose clothes did not come with the need to remove any tags as they were not purchased from a typical store.  I was the student who had the “different color” lunch ticket.  I was the friend who rarely had the courage to ask a friend to come over to play.  Despite all these shortcomings, though, I had parents who did love me.  They tried their best.  I had a mother who worked so very hard and would give you the shirt off her back which was possibly one of the only ones she owned.  That did not stop her, though, from seeing that my siblings and I valued education and emphasized how important it was --- that it was the key to our survival and rising above our circumstances.  My mother was as involved as she could be in our lives and our education.  However, so many children and families do not have that key individual who is their unwavering foundation. 

For this reason, United Way of Central Kentucky is so crucial in our community.  It provides the support that so many families simply do not have within the walls of their homes.  Whether it is medical assistance, educational opportunities, job skills training, or food on the table, United Way of Central Kentucky bridges the gap for so many that simply don’t have the knowledge nor the strength.  So, for all the families, who don’t have a “Jana Nunley” as its “mother” rock, thank goodness there are the same type folks fighting for them wearing the only shirt they need to…. LIVE UNITED!  

Attached is an article featuring Janay's mother Jana from 1978.  Even then Jana was an advocate for children and families.  We are lucky she raised a daughter like Janay who honors her legacy by continuing to serve others!