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Volunteer Center Agency Toolkit


Getting Started with Central Kentucky Serves

Adding your organization and needs to Central Kentucky Serves is as easy as following these steps:

  • Create your agency’s profile here.
  • You will be sent login information for your account to the email address you provide.
  • Log into your profile and click Manage Agency at the top of the screen.
  • Under the Edit tab, add your agency’s logo, emails of other colleagues you’d like to associate with the account, and select as many causes as are relevant to your organization by clicking on the dropdown menu. Be sure to save your work by clicking the Update Agency Info button as you go through each section. Be sure to be descriptive about what your organization does and why volunteers would want to support you. You can even add pictures to show your impact in action.
  • Add any needs your agency may have by clicking this tab toward the top of your profile. Clicking the blue Add New Need button on the right and fill out the form with as much information as possible. Be specific in your posting; for example, instead of saying Volunteers Needed, ask for tutors to help middle schoolers with homework after school, Finance Committee members, or food distribution volunteers. The clearer you can make your posting, the more likely you will be to find someone with the right skills and interests to be a match.
  • Need volunteers to work a special event? The Events tab at the top of your profile can be used to input this type of service opportunity. You can see statistics about your agency’s fans and page views, as well as track volunteer hours through the Stats and Time Tracking tabs. 


Promotional Tools

Now that your agency and needs are live, let your supporters know where they can go to see how else they can help advance your work. Below are tools you can use to promote your involvement with Central Kentucky Serves:

  • Sample social media post or message for newsletter:
    • {NAME OF AGENCY} has joined the Central Kentucky Serves volunteer network. Find us at and learn more about our needs for {NEED} and {NEED}, which help us accomplish our mission of {MISSION, VISION, OR OBJECTIVE} by {WHAT THIS NEED WILL DO}. Create your free profile and respond to this need today!


Advanced Options and Training

Want to learn more about all the capabilities of your page? Here are some training options that can help:

Need additional support? Contact United Way at any time and we’ll try to help resolve any issues you are having. Please contact Laura Willcut at 270-737-6608 or via email at


About Central Kentucky Serves

Central KY Serves is an online venue that allows nonprofit agencies to promote their volunteer needs and connects individuals with the many ways they can make a difference in our community. Opportunities currently listed online include mentoring at-risk children, landscaping projects, and more. Users can go to at any time to respond to these needs.