​How We Ensure Accountability

We strive for the highest integrity and commit to best practices in accountability so you can be assured that your donation will make the most impact possible. Some of the practices we have in place to ensure this outcome are:

  • Regular financial status reports at Finance Committee and Board of Directors meetings to provide a system of checks and balances.
  • Approval of annual budget and audited financial statements by the Finance Committee and Board of Directors. Quarterly financial statements are reviewed and approved by the Board.
  • CEO compensation recommended by Finance Committee, approved by Board, and disclosed publicly on IRS Form 990.
  • An active Finance Committee composed of professionals with expertise in the areas of investment, audit, budget, and information systems.
  • Internal controls with separation of duties, written documentation of pledges, and use of third party CPA to protect against fraud.
  • Reserve fund to maintain Community Investment grant payments and continued operations in event of significant and unanticipated impact to revenue.
  • Yearly independent audit from a reputable, local accounting firm. These audited financial statements are available below.

Volunteer Oversight

Volunteers play a key role in ensuring our operations are effective and efficient. We have multiple opportunities to serve on Committees, with several groups tied to direct oversight of our work including:

  • Finance Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Marketing Committee
  • Community Investment Team

Financials & Reports

Visit our Impact Reports page for updates on program outcomes and results.

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