Tornado Response

Responding to Kentucky Tornadoes: United Way of Central Kentucky and You

Since the tornados that devastated parts of Western Kentucky in December, United Way of Central Kentucky has seen local donors contribute over $30,000 to the Kentucky Tornado Fund. Statewide, United Way of Kentucky has raised $4 million to date.

“United Way is uniquely positioned to distribute funds to multiple local partners with minimal red tape as we navigate relief efforts,” said UWCK President & CEO Joe Fowler. “At the local level, United Way’s presence in those affected communities is well-established. United Way staff members and volunteers in these communities are conscious of where help is needed most.”

“We are grateful for the funds we have received in the immediate aftermath of this disaster, but the work is far from finished,” added Fowler. “United Way of Central Kentucky will continue to raise monies designated for the tornado fund as long as our fellow Kentuckians are struggling.”