Success Stories

Now that the weather has cooled off a little, our therapists have been able to use the Healing Garden with more consistency. It has become a safe haven for children receiving both forensic interviews and undergoing therapy. Our therapists who specialize in trauma recovery will use a variety of techniques to make their clients feel comfortable. This Healing Garden gives them another outlet to do that in a peaceful and calming atmosphere. - Silverleaf Sexual Trauma and Recovery Services: receiving $40,000 to provide forensic medical exams and counseling services to children who have suffered sexual abuse.

Earlier this year a Disabled Veteran and her 17-year-old son came to SpringHaven from Breckinridge County with no transportation. After being here only a short period of time, we realized how determined she was to be self-sufficient. She bought a car for just $800 which we were able to help repair. She then got a job on Fort Knox and applied for a Veterans Voucher through the Kentucky Housing Corporation. Once approved for an apartment, SpringHaven helped this client turn on her utilities, pay her deposit, and secure food. With a new job and transportation, her son was also able to return to Breckinridge County where he will finish out his senior year of high school. - SpringHaven Domestic Violence Program: receiving $60,000 to provide safety, advocacy, and basic needs services to survivors of domestic violence as they regain their independence.

Alex and Madalyn, a young couple wanting more for their three-year-old son, decided to pursue their GED after working for several months through a temp agency. Because their work schedules did not allow them to attend traditional classes, both tried using distance learning to study for the GED test. Alex completed his GED in seven months, while Madalyn continued to struggle with math. Eventually, Madalyn was referred to Laura, Success Coach with Hardin County Skills U - funded by United Way of Central Kentucky. While accommodating Madalyn’s work schedule, Laura worked diligently for weeks offering one-on-one tutoring. Now, both Alex and Madalyn have their GED and since graduation have both secured full-time jobs - increasing their joint annual income by over $8,000. - Hardin County Skills U: receiving $16,500 to provide one-on-one tutoring and wraparound coaching for adults pursuing their GED.

Ben, a first grader who moved to LaRue County, was virtually a nonreader when he enrolled in August. His teacher quickly identified him as someone needing a reading mentor as well as a positive role model. The LaRue County Reads coordinator, matched him with a volunteer mentor who quickly formed a bond with the student as they began reading, practicing sight words, and studying for weekly spelling tests. The mentor, though only required to meet with Ben for thirty minutes each week, also dedicated additional time with the student, even finding special ways to celebrate academic milestones. School personnel and the student’s family are amazed at Ben’s academic and social progress since the mentorship began. - LaRue County Schools, Read, Tutor, Mentor grant recipient: sponsored by Jarred Butler State Farm.

Donna showed up at the Grayson County Alliance on a day that the food pantry was not open for distribution. After learning that that next distribution wasn’t for a couple of days, she immediately burst into tears. As her story unfolded, she kept apologizing, saying that she didn’t know where else to turn – not willing to ask for help from her adult children because it was just too embarrassing.

Donna was at the end of her rope, still recovering from a recent back surgery and unsure if she would be able to return to her job at a local daycare. Thanks to the very kind staff at the Alliance, Donna received the basic needs support she so desperately needed that day. Needless to say, she was relieved but expressed her fear that if something didn't improve, she could lose her home. To help her better budget her finances in light of her current circumstances, Donna was also referred to participate in United Way’s Money Sense program hosted by community volunteers.

“Panther Place is an amazing place for kids that would not otherwise have help with their academics. Panther Place does a wonderful job.” - Mrs. Billings, Morningside Elementary School Teacher

“The homework assistance is helpful because when she gets home, we can sit down and eat dinner and spend time talking as a family. I don't understand all her homework at times. We are both very grateful.” – Panther Place Grandparent and Guardian

“They have laughed and cried with us. The support is amazing!” - Panther Place Parent

Elizabethtown Independent Schools: receiving $34,000 to provide at-risk students with homework assistance, educational enrichment, and physical/arts activities at Panther Place After-School Program.

Hardin County Schools: receiving $50,000 to prepare children for kindergarten and conduct educational home visits through the First Connections program.

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