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How We Invest

Grayson County Alliance Director, Debbie Childress, makes her case for funding as she speaks to the Community Investment Team during the grant applicant question and answer session.


The organizations we invest in help real people - which is why real people just like you determine where the donations go. Corporate donors, community members, as well as individuals from philanthropic and community organizations make up our Community Investment Team. These dedicated volunteers pore over each grant proposal and identify the local programs that align with our strategies and goals to create a lasting impact. With over 3,000 nonprofits in Central Kentucky, identifying which programs align with our community’s goals and aspirations is no small task. Our Community Impact Team volunteers spend over 900 hours determining which partnerships will create a lasting impact in our community.


The Selection Process

The process from initial concept to funding award includes the following steps:

  • 4 hours - Grant application training for nonprofits
  • 35 hours - Average time spent developing each grant application by nonprofits
  • 3 hours - Training for Community Investment Team volunteer grant reviewers
  • 30 hours - Review of all applications by each CIT member
  • 8 hours - Applicant Question & Answer session with CIT volunteers.
  • 12 hours - CIT deliberations and discussion
  • 1 hour - Funding recommendations reviewed by UWCK Board of Directors

Click here to learn more about our Community Impact Grants and allocations process for nonprofits.


Meet our 2019 Community Investment Team Volunteers

  • Chad Sarver, CIT Chair - Altec
  • Ray Springsteen - Fort Knox Federal Credit Union
  • Scott Conway - Magnolia Bank
  • Brian Kerr - Kerr Workplace Solutions
  • Greg Rovinski - Hardin Memorial Health
  • Sherry Powers, Bluegrass Cellular
  • David Fegett - Elizabethtown Police
  • Henry Alston - Ret. Ft. Knox
  • Steve Phillips - Swope Family of Dealerships
  • Mary Young - The Cecilian Bank
  • Steve White - Hardin Memorial Health
  • Daniel London - Hardin Co. Govt.
  • CJ Quick - Brighter Futures Counseling
  • Alan Alsip - AGC
  • Brett Barnes - Metalsa
  • Donnie Board - Tender Touch
  • Alfreda Weedman - Community Representative
  • Bill Oldham - Twin Lakes Reg. Medical Center
  • Teresa McMahan – McMahan Law
  • Richard Page - PNC
  • Tracy Schiller - Retired Chief of Police


Special thanks to Fort Knox Federal Credit Union for allowing United Way to use their facilities for all CIT meetings and for being gracious hosts to our CIT members and applicants.