Frequently Asked Questions

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Donations and investments are allocated to the local community’s served by United Way of Central Kentucky (Hardin, Breckinridge, Grayson, LaRue and Meade Counties) to make the greatest possible impact. These dollars are allocated by United Way Community Investment Team (CIT) volunteers from all five counties who spend hours vetting applicants and evaluating their effectiveness and efficiency. They review funding requests, analyze the needs of the community, and make informed decisions in allocating United Way dollars. A complete listing of United Way of Central Kentucky’s annual allocations can be found on our website at

After allocations to funded programs, United Way of Central Kentucky’s fundraising and administrative percentage is 19% - well below industry standards and recommendations from the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance and Office of Personnel Management which recommends a rate of 25%-35%. That means that $0.82 of every dollar goes directly to our funded non-profit community partners. In addition, United Way of Central Kentucky is a member of the Better Business Bureau, has been vetted to meet all 20 standards of charitable accountability, and holds a Gold rating with GuideStar – a third party premier non-profit database.

Our local Community Investment Team (CIT) has never fielded a request to consider providing financial support to Planned Parenthood, which also does not have a location in our service area. The only way United Way of Central Kentucky would ever pass along funding to other independent local United Ways who could make these decisions, would be through designations requested by our donors. Nonetheless, we have never received a written designation to Planned Parenthood, nor have we directed funds to a United Way outside of our organization who supports Planned Parenthood. Furthermore, we’re happy to say that no other United Way in the state of Kentucky is doing so. Please read the UWCK Statement on Planned Parenthood for an in-depth discussion of this issue.

United Way Worldwide is a 501c3 nonprofit that provides training and support to local United Ways like United Way of Central Kentucky. United Way of Central Kentucky, along with the other 1,800 independent United Ways across 41 counties, is a member of this network with our own 501c3 status, governance, and local practices. With just $0.01 of every dollar raised in our community going to pay membership dues to United Way Worldwide, we in turn receive the tools and resources to facilitate national programs like United Way Born Learning Academies, volunteer initiatives, brand licensing, training, technical support, and access to numerous fundraising relationships that have been negotiated globally – benefiting us at the local level. Membership fees to United Way Worldwide are not used to provide funding to programs such as Planned Parenthood.

The Community Investment process is the method by which local community representatives volunteer to evaluate the proposals from programs seeking United Way of Central Kentucky funding. Each applicant is vetted by all members of the Community Investment Team (CIT), a committee that includes donors and volunteers who live and work in our community and ultimately make a funding recommendation to United Way of Central Kentucky’s Board of Directors. CIT members are recruited from across the region to ensure representation from all five counties and provide a thorough understanding of local needs. CIT members are thoroughly vetted for any conflicts of interest and may not be employed by any agency or program seeking funding. Each Community Investment Team volunteer spends an average of 40 hours vetting and identifying the programs that best align with our work in Education, Financial Stability, Health, and Basic Needs. Learn about the allocations process at

Like most organizations, we are challenged to meet the needs of our community by effectively driving change with limited resources. By investing strategically in a streamlined set of priorities that align with our community’s goals, we aim to make a more meaningful and measurable impact in the lives of the local residents we serve.

United Way of Central Kentucky is not set up to provide direct services to individuals. Instead, we rely on the expertise of our funded community partners and other community resources who specialize in working with clients. When referred to a community partner, it is at their discretion to determine eligibility (based on polices set in place for their organization) and provide assistance to those in need.

Payroll contributions to support United Way of Central Kentucky are tax-deductible.

    Payroll Deduction: For contributions through payroll deduction, your final year-end paycheck or W-2 will reflect your total United Way contribution for the year.
    Check: For contributions to United Way by check in the amount of $249 or less, your cancelled check is sufficient to act as your receipt. For contributions of $250 or more, United Way of Central Kentucky will provide you with a letter stating that no goods or services were given to you in exchange for your contribution and include our charitable EIN number. For contributions of less than $250, we will happily provide a similar letter at the request of the donor.
    Stock: For contributions of stock, United Way of Central Kentucky will automatically provide you with a letter communicating the amount of the charitable deduction and confirming that no goods or services were given to you in exchange for the contribution and include our charitable EIN number.

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