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FAQ Tuesday: What Do I Do if I Feel Pressured to Give?

Giving should always be a personal matter and decision, free from coercion.  We raise the majority of our funds through workplace campaigns because it is the most cost-effective way for us to share our work with the largest audience, not because we want anyone to feel pressured into giving by managers or colleagues.  Our work is about creating opportunities, not only for families to get back on their feet, but for people to get involved in our community in a way that’s personally meaningful to them.  Anything that does not encourage personal choice is not who we are and is in direct conflict with our operating standards. That's why we conduct training programs for our volunteers who help fundraise on behalf of United Way and emphasize the use of information and education in making the ask, not pressure tactics.

Because raising over a million dollars every year on a limited budget is a challenge, we rely on a vast network of hundreds of volunteers to help personally share the opportunity to give financially.  While people are our greatest resource, people are also not perfect.  So what should you do if you’ve had a negative experience with giving in the workplace or any interaction involving UWCK?  Please share your concern with us so we can do whatever we can to rectify this issue.  You can do this by calling our office at 270-737-6608, sending a message anonymously through our website, or contacting us via Facebook.  You also are in control of how you would like your gift recognized.  If you would like to support UWCK outside a formal workplace campaign setting, you can make a donation directly via cash, check, invoice, or one-time or recurring credit card payments and can chose to be listed anonymously in any of our publications. 

We also welcome your investment of time and talent through one of our many initiatives or volunteer opportunities if you would like to learn more about UWCK before making a financial contribution.  We appreciate your feedback as we work to become a stronger organization that is better equipped to serve our community.

United Way Worldwide's Board of Directors has made this official by adopting the following policy statement:  The Board of Governors of United Way ...  believes that the most responsive contributors are those who have the opportunity to become informed and involved.  A well-planned campaign with an effective communications program, conducted by committed volunteers, will ensure responsive contributors.  While we have always been unalterably opposed to coercion, we do recognize a responsibility to state our beliefs formally, as freedom of choice is a basic tenet of our democratic society.

We are grateful to have the type of open relationship with you- the people who make United Way of Central Kentucky possible- where you can freely share your questions and concerns.  Our goal is to help you make an informed decision regarding where to give your hard-earned dollars and valuable time.  We are humbled by the trust you have placed in us and continually strive to be the organization this incredible community deserves.  That’s why we will be regularly answering your frequently asked questions to help you understand where your investment goes.  You are welcome to explore the following questions we frequently encounter about our work anytime on our website.  We would love to hear questions directly from you!  Share what you’ve always wanted to know about UWCK through commenting on our Facebook page, sending a message through our website, or emailing us directly at