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FAQ Tuesday: How Does UWCK Have Such a Nice Office?

UWCK has a very nice new office- is renovating this building where my donation went?

Operating on a lean budget is very important to us since this is what our donors deserve, and we take great pride in having an overhead rate of 16.4%, which is well below the 35% recommended by the Better Business Bureau.  For many years our team of 3 staff and 4 full-time volunteer AmeriCorps VISTAs operated out of a 3 room office in the Peddler’s Mall shopping complex.  Through a grant we had the opportunity to take on additional VISTA members who could expand our programs and services, but could not do so without having a more efficient space to work.  Luckily our community answered our request for help and provided us with a new home in a historic building that would allow us to operate more effectively.  The renovation of that home was privately funded with significant in-kind contributions made to allow us to have such a welcoming, professional work environment.  Companies sponsored rooms through Project United which provided us with much-needed items like desks, chairs, and other furniture, and we thank these donors with recognition signs posted in each space.  We pay a modest rent of $1,500/month that is well below market rate for the 1,800 square feet occupied by our team. Having additional room to host meetings allows our staff to operate more effectively, as we used to spend a significant amount of time looking for external meeting space and travelling off-site anytime we needed to host a meeting for more than 6-8 attendees.  We have also been able to provide food at meetings and events on a more cost-effective scale now that we have a kitchen that can accommodate our needs.  We welcome outside groups to use our meeting space and love to have guests in for tours of the gorgeous building we proudly call the community’s home.  Learn how to reserve the meeting room here:

As fellow UWCK donors, our team makes every effort to maintain our facility at as low a cost as possible.  For example, Office Manager Christa Shouse volunteered her time on nights and weekends to mow our yard, saving us $50 a week that could instead be invested directly into programs.  Here you can see Christa preparing lunch for a group of 20 volunteers for under $3 a person, which would have cost much more in catering fees if we did not have access to a full kitchen!  The phone system we acquired through the move also allowed us to forward office phone calls to UWCK staff cell phones during the record snow event this winter, which left motorists stranded along I-65 for hours.  Because of this technology, Christa was able to take calls for assistance and helped a gentleman and his ill father who were stuck in the blizzard connect with first responders.  Those are just a few of the many ways our staff and VISTAs work to make the most of every dollar you generously entrust to us!

We are grateful to have the type of open relationship with you- the people who make United Way of Central Kentucky possible- where you can freely share your questions and concerns.  Our goal is to help you make an informed decision regarding where to give your hard-earned dollars and valuable time.  We are humbled by the trust you have placed in us and continually strive to be the organization this incredible community deserves.  That’s why we will be regularly answering your frequently asked questions to help you understand where your investment goes.  You are welcome to explore the following questions we frequently encounter about our work anytime on our website.  We would love to hear questions directly from you!  Share what you’ve always wanted to know about UWCK through commenting on our Facebook page, sending a message through our website, or emailing us directly at