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FAQ Tuesday: How can United Way help if I'm in need?

United Way is not legally set up to provide direct services to individuals but we are committed to serving the hundreds of community members who reach out to us needing assistance each year. We refer people to our funded partners and other community resources who specialize in working with clients and can more efficiently provide this service. Unfortunately UWCK only has funds available to meet approximately 60%-76% of the grant requests from applicant nonprofits, so in order to stretch their limited dollars each agency determines the eligibility requirements and amount of aid given to those in need, usually in terms of government guidelines or established policies. UWCK has worked with dozens of nonprofits across our region to develop a resource guide of programs available in the community, which can be found at  You can use this guide anonymously 24/7 or you can call our office at 270-737-6608 for guidance in finding help Monday through Friday from 8AM-4:30PM.  We also regularly answer questions and provide referrals through our Facebook page and Contact Us portal on our website. If you or anyone you know ever needs help, feel free to contact us for a referral to agencies that could support you during a difficult time.

We are grateful to have the type of open relationship with you- the people who make United Way of Central Kentucky possible- where you can freely share your questions and concerns.  Our goal is to help you make an informed decision regarding where to give your hard-earned dollars and valuable time.  We are humbled by the trust you have placed in us and continually strive to be the organization this incredible community deserves.  That’s why we will be regularly answering your frequently asked questions to help you understand where your investment goes.  You are welcome to explore the following questions we frequently encounter about our work anytime on our website.  We would love to hear questions directly from you!  Share what you’ve always wanted to know about UWCK through commenting on our Facebook page, sending a message through our website, or emailing us directly at