Corporate Investor Benefits

Partnership and Brand Recognition

United Way of Central Kentucky partners with over 100 businesses of all sizes to connect our community with a common purpose – bringing together the people, business, industry, and resources needed to get big things done in our region. Everything we do is locally focused. With many good causes to choose from, our partners invest in United Way knowing they gain the greatest public recognition, visibility, and impact results from association with United Way’s brand. Just as strong business leaders prepare for the future by acting today, our partners are joining the fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person in our community.

Supporting United Way

  • Ranked #1 by Chronicle of Philanthropy as “America’s Favorite Charity” which identifies the organizations that Americans are most willing to open their wallets to support.
  • The United Way brand is ranked #26 in the Top 50 of the most valuable brands according to Forbes magazine with a brand value of $14.3 billion – the only nonprofit to make the list.
  • United Way has 91% recognition from the general population.
  • Research shows 8/10 Americans have a more positive image of businesses that support a cause they care about.
  • 83% of consumers would switch brands or retailers when a company is linked with a good cause.
  • 81% of employees weigh an organization’s contribution to social causes when choosing where to work.

Corporate Social Responsibility

United Way partners with leaders in industry that go beyond their business goals and leverage corporate social responsibility to help create a strong community. Our corporate partners are helping people in Central Kentucky develop innovative strategies that improve education outcomes, fortify financial stability, and create healthier communities. Learn more here about how United Way can help you achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility Goals here.