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Campaign Central


Workplace Campaign Tools & Resources 

Successful fundraising campaigns are a mixture of fun, enthusiasm, participation, and careful planning. But they're also good business for everyone involved! United Way Campaigns build workplace comradery while engaging and educating people in tackling our community’s biggest issues.

Below are several tools and resources that will effectively help make your United Way campaign efforts more convenient. Don’t see something you need? Just give us a call at 270.737.6608 or email Hunter at


Campaign Central Downloads:
2020 Campaign Video

Campaign Coordinator Resources: 
Employee Campaign Manager Guide

Digital Outreach in the Workplace: 
UWCK Logo - Vertical
UWCK Logo - Horizontal 
Email Samples - Kickoff, CEO Endorsement, Thank You, etc.

Print Materials about Your United Way: 
Campaign Poster
2020 Funded Community Partners
2019 Brochure

Pledge Reporting Resources: 
Workplace Campaign Data Calculator
Pledge Report Form
Pledge Form
Pledge Form for Donated Hours of Pay
Credit Card Pledge Form
Corporate Pledge Form

Incentives & Special Events: 
Making Choices Instructions
Making Choices Game Board
Jeans Day Sticker 
United Way Photo Release

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