Read Tutor Mentor

Volunteer Opportunities for Everyone

Through Read Tutor Mentor caring volunteers working with students of all ages have the power to help kids boost academic achievement and put young people on track for a bright future. There are over 100 children in our community on a waiting list to be paired with someone willing to invest their time in them. Whether you want to volunteer one day, one time or make a longer term commitment, there are several programs in our community with kids who need you! You can choose to read to a class, read one-on-one with a child who is struggling, help a child with their school work, or just spend time with a child and serve as a positive role model in their life. Contact us to learn more about the local organizations who need you!

Tips For Volunteering

  • Nearly all agencies that offer volunteer opportunities working with children will  need to perform a background check.
  • Some agencies may require training before you get started.
  • Most reading and tutoring opportunities will be during school hours or in the afternoon on weekdays. Some mentoring opportunities are available during the school day and some have more flexible timing, or can be done on your lunch hour.
  • Reading and tutoring volunteers can commit to volunteer one time or  make an ongoing commitment and meet with student(s) on a regular basis. Mentor volunteers must commit longer term.
  • Time commitment can be as little as 20-30 minutes at a time.
  • We have opportunities for volunteers to work with adults, too!

Expectations of Volunteers

  • Fulfil Your Commitment: These guys and gals are depending on your to show up.
  • Come Prepared: Whether you are reading, helping with homework, or just hanging out, have a plan before you get there.
  • Be Present: Leave your cell phone in the car (you also can’t take photos for confidentiality reasons).
  • Be Mindful: Please be mindful of what you say and what you do - these little people are soaking everything you do in!

Sign Up Today!

Click here to sign up today or contact United Way by emailing or call 270.737.6608. You can also download our printable flyer.