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When your workplace joins the United Way campaign, your company invests in the community of Central Kentucky. Running a campaign in your workplace allows everyone a chance to give to the community & causes they’re passionate about, boosting morale in your place of business and demonstrating social responsibility to clients & customers throughout the region. Our team at UWCK is here to provide resources that will make your campaign efforts more convenient and effective than ever. Feel free to adapt any of these downloadable tools as needed for your workplace. Is there a resource you would like to use but don’t see it listed below? Contact Megan Stith at  to request customized materials for your workplace campaign. Learn the benefits of joining the United Way network at Hear from other businesses about why they run workplace campaigns at

Campaign Central Downloads:
2016 Campaign Video

Campaign Coordinator Resources: Learn how to tell your United Way Story and make an impact in your workplace 
Talking Points
Concerns & FAQs from Donors
Campaign Coordinator Manual
Campaign Coordinator/Loaned Executive Training Slides
Campaign Coordinator Training Video 
Where My Money Goes Infographic

Digital Outreach in the Workplace: Use these messages & real-life impact stories to share the mission of United Way with people in your workplace
Print Material about Your United Way: Use these handouts, posters and videos to share information about United Way and get people excited about giving!
Pledge Reporting Resources: Ensure everyone has the opportunity to give and that every gift can be recognized & recorded
Incentives & Special Events: Ideas & resources for exciting ways to engage your workplace
Loaned Executive Resource:
UWCK Resources:
Do you encounter employess who are struggling in their personal lives? This resource guide provides UWCK's contact information as the first stop for referrals to programs that can help in times of crisis.

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