Branding Guidelines


Brand Guidelines and Logos

United Way of Central Kentucky adheres to strict brand guidelines in accordance to United Way World Wide.  In order to maintain the value of the United Way brand, please follow the branding guidelines below.  These guidelines are provided to ensure the correct and consistent use of the brand identity system.  Please review the guidelines before using the logo.

Brandmark: Minimum Size

To ensure the integrity of the United Way brandmark, do not reduce its width to less than .75 inches for print or special usage, and 90 pixels or 1.25 inches for screen applications.  Other reproduction methods may require the minimum size to be than the sizes identified here.



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Please use the following fonts.,4217,trade-gothic-fonts.html

Color Specifications

Organization Name

Our preferred name in print is United Way of Central Kentucky. In all written documents, always use the name in it's entirety when referring to the organization the first time. After that, all subsequent references in the same document can be just United Way. Try to avoid abbreviating the name. However, if it is absolutely necessary to abbreviate then UWCK is acceptable.